Friday, March 30, 2007

If you had wings wouldn't you use them to get out of the way of the car?

Not if you're a bloody pheasant it appears.

Today on the way to work pootering along the 10 79 (A1079 to you southerners) and a pheasant quite literally walks onto the road. I try and swerve and I think it actually looked up at the car and tried to walk out of the way just that little faster.
Sickening thud and Pheasant goes under the wheels, emerging a few feet later on as roadkill.

Part of me was slightly shocked, even a little upset.
(I had killed it after all)
But a bit bit of me was just bloody angry with the stupid bloody bird. It had bloody wings, shouldn't even the world's stupidest thing have realised it's meant to fly over the bloody road.

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