Saturday, March 17, 2007

New music.....

Got to thinking about new music yesterday. And had a terrible shock.

The only new stuff I've got on the I-pod so far this year is Joanna Newsome (and even that was after hearing Cosmia last year), Steve Reich (again, first discovered last year), Regina Spektor, a bit of Klaxons and LCD Soundsystem thanks to Louise's niece Rachel. But that's about it.
Already nearly three months into 2007.

This obviously is yet another thing to make me feel old and completely out of touch with music.

I've actually started to watch more and more of the music channels now we've actually got them on Sky and although I find most of them formulaic and repetitive in the extreme there is actually some really great stuff out there. A lot of it on MTV2.
Like the great half hour of Sonic Youth the other night.

I even found a great new band that I meant to look into some more. Unfortunately I saw the video for them late at night and forgot to make a note (other than a mental one) of their name.
So of course, given the fragile state of my memory I have no idea who they were or what the song was called. The video is the band performing in a free floating mirrored box. Very electronic and a singer using a vocoder type thing to make himself sound quite a bit like one of the chipmonks.
Despite this description it was actually a fantastic bit of music.
But it was on late one night on mtv2 so the chances of me seeing it again are slim to none. I've tried Google searching "name of band with video in mirrored box" but that got me nowhere. I've even emailed MTV2 to see if they could help but have received no reply. Bastards.

Curse my failing memory.

UPDATE - late in year - it's Battles.

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