Monday, March 26, 2007

One day back and I'm already behind?

This is what pisses me off about life......
Today was great at school as usual, followed by a bit of a mad rush:
Pick Molly up and dash back to school to do the final bit of after school interactive whiteboard training.
Then back home, get changed, gulp some tea down and out again to swimming, with neither Louise or I having time to change out of work gear because time is so tight.
Then home and put Molly to bed.
Then so the idea was, sort out some emails, do some blogging, scan in the great old convention and shop photos I got from Nostalgia & Comics manager Dave at the weekend, sort out some Molly photos to get printed, maybe even do some reviews of the comics I read in the last couple of days.

That all rather flew out of the window when I woke up, cold and with my back singing painfully to me, on Molly's floor at 10:30. Louise was downstairs, similarly comatose in front of the tele.

So now I have the decision to make; stay up and do stuff or put it all to one side, go to bed at the reasonable time I keep promising myself I should do and hope I manage to get some of it done tomorrow. Either way, the blogging will have to wait for tomorrow.

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