Friday, March 02, 2007

Poetry - Wendy Cope

It's funny the things you will pick up when wandering around. Today in Pocklington I popped into Help the Aged to have a look for a wacky hat for Molly to wear for Red Nose Day and ended up coming out with a box set of Faber & Faber mini poetry books.

I haven't read much poetry for many years but it's lovely to dip in and out of occasionally.

For example:

Wendy Cope - Making Cocoa For Kingsley Amis

It was a dream I had last week
And some kind of record seemed vital
I knew it wouldn't be much of a poem
But I love the title

That was the one that I flicked to in the shop and convinced me that a pound wasn't too much to pay just for that single poem. More as I read them no doubt.

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