Friday, April 27, 2007

Bad day......

Aside from The Polyphonic Spree, pretty much everything else today has been pretty shitty here at Bruton mansions.

Although school was lovely as usual, I had loads of hardware problems; laptops breaking, dvds breaking, teachers getting twitchy and demanding, that sort of thing. But the worst was when the old ICT technician paid a visit with her newborn. Suddenly I felt slightly more temporary and unwanted than I had for a while. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that motherhood really suits her and the need to stay home full-time takes over!

Then, on getting home I had to do battle with our phones and with Marks & Spencers home delivery service.
For some reason, the phones started playing up and wouldn't dial out at all. A quick battery change and a reset fixed one of them, but the other one is dead. And unless I can find the receipt selotaped to the box in the attic, it will have to stay dead.

But worse was to come. We've ordered new furniture from M&S to replace the 10 year old sofa and chair we have in the living room.

Actually, as an aside, I should point out that it wasn't always a two piece suite. Originally, on buying Brookfield Road we went out and bought a lovely three piece suite.
Of course, being idiots, we managed to do the old idiot's trick of not measuring up and just assuming that the three piece would fit into the lounge. Ooops.
After getting the delivery men to take it up a flight of stairs (the lounge was on the first floor at Brookfield Road) we sat realised there was absolutely no way to fit both chairs and the sofa into the lounge. So it quickly became a two piece suite with a chair going across the hall into the red room. (It was red, hence the title). The red room was essentially the spare room, where we had the stereo and the bookcases. I had this dream of having a lovely separate room for reading in.
As you probably realised, that dream didn't materialise at all and the room remained unoccupied until Molly came along.
With nowhere for the chair to go we moved it back downstairs where it took up residency in the office. It was equally unused in that room by all the people in the house, but Timmy loved it. So suddenly we had a £500 cat bed.

Anyway, on moving up here we just brought the sofa and one of the chairs.
But we'd always planned on getting new furniture once we moved and a very nice surprise present from Mom meant we could go out and buy some.
One trip to M&S and nearly two grand later and we're the proud owners of an order number.

It takes 6 weeks to make the stuff and then it will be delivered at a time to suit you (that's what the nice saleswoman said at M&S).
Except it's not working out like that at all. Instead it seems that the delivery van only comes up north when it really has to and it doesn't have to very often. Worse yet, they can only give you less than 7 days notice of proposed delivery. Not ideal when you have to sort out work commitments and it's not that easy to get time off when you're trying to impress the boss and get a permanent job.
After much apologising (them) and getting annoyed at the willingness to make meaningless apologies (me) we finally agreed that M&S would phone up the delivery people and arrange an evening delivery. Which hopefully, they'll do in the next few days.

But the day's misery wasn't over yet:
Molly had been lovely and very understanding all week about various things so yesterday we popped into Cooplands (think Greggs but local, nice, less chavs and better food) for Toffee danishes.
But they'd sold out.
Upset and unwilling to try anything else she's placated by the thought that we'll be able to get one today.
We got to Cooplands and there was just one Toffee Danish left.
And in a queue of three people, one teenage girl and Molly & I, guess who had the Danish?
So if you're a Woldgate college pupil wondering why the little girl in the queue behind you started crying as you left the shop, now you know.

Cross your fingers they've got some in tomorrow.

So that's my bad day. And a very long moan it was too. Now, how was your day?

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