Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dr Who - Daleks in Manhattan part 2
Oh crap, it's getting worse

Last week I posted about how poor I thought the first episode of this two parter was.

But we still sat down, all three of us and watched the second part of Daleks in Manhatten last night.
This week, even Molly got bored of it.
There was nothing there for any of us, not even a little fun scare for Molly.
When the Daleks aren't even bothering a 7 year old girl you know you're doing something wrong Mr Davies.

As for the plot and the story; I'm not one to pick TV shows and films apart, since I'm well aware that sometimes it's good to bend the rules of time, space, reality or logic in pursuit of a good narrative. But this really was too much.

It started when Tennant bounced in front of the Daleks and started basically daring them to Exterminate him. Quite a large part of me was wishing one of them just did it out of spite.

But the worst was the terrible moment when the Dalek-human army turned on the two Daleks in the theatre and a crap battle ensued. Only after the hybrids had destroyed both Daleks did the third Dalek remember that they had a special auto-destruct switch on all the Dalek-human hybrids.
(Curse your shoddy Dalek memory, you'd forget you're own rubber sucker thing if it wasn't glued on to your chassis Mr Dalek.)

And what was with the caring sharing, lets help the Daleks evolve Doctor we saw tonight. Personally I believed, empathised and liked the idea of the Doctor in series 1 who hated the bloody Daleks and would do absolutely anything to get rid of them. But suddenly, one of them commits wholesale slaughter of a few thousand people - (brain wipes count as murder around these parts I'm sure) - takes over a human to become Dalek-Human Sec (again I'm pretty sure that counts as murder) and suddenly gets a bit emotionally confused and the Doc is all of a sudden falling over himself to help.

I also hated the bit at the end where the last Dalek just seemed to get flustered and hopped off into another emergency temporal shift thing.
No doubt to pop up even more annoyingly in series 4. It seems that after three series we finally have the answer to the question - Can we have too much of the Daleks?

Plot was horrible, acting wooden, script crap, Tennant really is beginning to get on my nerves now. I keep going back to what I read somewhere that the BBC just haven't got confidence that he can do dark as well as Eccleston could and have adapted the character accordingly. It seems more and more that that is the case, at least to my poor tired and jaded eyes.

Still, at least next week looked a bit more like it in the trails. Molly even flinched when she caught sight of the monster. And we've still got the build up to the finale to come with the introduction of Mr Saxon. (just Google it if you want to know who the big villain is this time).

So despite absolutely hating the last two weeks, we'll be there this Saturday, hopefully praising the show on a great return to form after a wobble.

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