Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Easter Holidays - settling into a great routine.....

So far the Easter holidays have been fantastic.

Molly's been at Tennis club for the past couple of days. It's at Pocklington Tennis Club and she's absolutely loving it. It's on from 10-1 Monday to Thursday. We've been playing in the garden as well and I'm getting the impression that although she's obviously keen, she's not exactly very good. Maybe that will come over the next two days?

The afternoons have been spent out and about in Pocklington and playing tennis, squash, badminton and derivations of all three in the garden.

Meanwhile, I've been solidly at work. Yes, work dammit. Monday was blogging day. I'm now well ahead of myself and have got the next couple of weeks worth of posts done already. There's more Nostalgia & Comics & Me posts to come, some interesting Nostalgia & Comics signing session photos and the first months worth of reviews from the PROPAGANDA at FPI weblog reviews all ready.
16 posts in all, which is 8 days if I'm keeping to the two posts a day rule I've set myself recently.

Today was reviewing day. Getting everything ready for the next PROPAGANDA set of reviews that will be up in a little while. I imagine tomorrow will be reviewing day as well, and Thursday.

In fact the only problem came yesterday when I became convinced we had a gas leak from the boiler. I could swear I kept smelling gas from the boiler flue venting to the outside.
Not wanting to take any chances it was straight on the phone to Transco, who sent an engineer round to reassure me that I was just being silly and it's perfectly normal to get a little gas smell when the boiler kicks in and switches off.
Probably we hadn't noticed it before because this was the first time we've spent any real time in the garden and the position of the flue means it blows straight across the open back door.
The engineer did suggest that if I was still worried we should get British Gas out to do a routine service and safety check, which we did today.
All is well.

And while I'm on the subject, may i recommend that you all investigate the possibility of getting a British Gas service contract. We've got one for the boiler, central heating, gas fire, plumbing and drainage and electrics.
For an obsessive worrier like me it's an absolute bloody godsend. No matter what goes wrong, I just have to phone them up and we can get someone out fairly quickly.
It always used to really bother me when we first owned a house that if and when something went wrong we'd invariably have to take the huge risk of just getting someone out from the Yellow Pages. My natural instinct for doom always resulted in me being sure that the company we called was a complete cowboy operation and I had no end of stress about any minor problem because of it.
The British Gas contract means that for a pretty reasonable sum each month I've got the comfort blanket of trusted workmen at the end of the phone to cater to my every stupid panic.
Advert over.

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