Saturday, April 14, 2007

HSBC - just when you thought banks couldn't get any worse....

HSBC is to open a new premier bank.
This was in the times on Thursday 12th April.

The HSBC branch in Canford Cliffs, Dorset will refuse to serve those who do not have a £50k nest egg, a £200k mortgage or a minimum salary of £75k & £100k mortgage.
Luckily HSBC will allow customers who fail to meet the earnings criteria to become premier customers in it's premier branch for the small sum of £19.95 per month. Which is nice of them.

Luckily I'm not an HSBC customer but no doubt some other of our caring, sharing banks will try this shit on somewhere else as well.

If you're unlucky enough to live in Canford Cliffs may I suggest you find another bank very, very quickly.
Or maybe it's time for a bit of Mark Thomas style direct action.
I imagine if you're a 70 year old grandma who owns your own home, doesn't have a mortgage and is (according to the banks criteria) fairly cash poor, you may be a litle ticked off by this.
But fear not.
All you need to do to get to see your local caring sharing HSBC branch manager is D-lock yourself to the doors. That should get the sanctimonious little prick out the front to talk to the proles.

Banks, just like insurance people, are wankers.
Go on, try to prove me wrong.

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