Monday, April 23, 2007

On the weekend..... because I know you were wondering...

How long can it take us to get a new lawnmower?
Well, so far this weekend it's taken us 2 days and we still haven't managed it.
Instead we popped to Monk's Cross - it's a strip mall type affair (think The Fort in Birmingham) and seemed to spend an awful lot of money on not a lot of stuff. There were shoes and school stuff for Molly, lunch, trousers for me at school (trying for not too formal, not too casual), something else, something else.
Somehow that lot cost us a lot of money. Maybe there's a hole in the wallet?

Molly couldn't decide whether she actually wanted to spend her pocket money from Grandma or whether she wants to save up and buy herself a Nintendo DS.
She was in HMV and got really excited to see a DS for £24.99 and thought she could buy it with the pocket money from Grandma (the distance and time between visits means Molly always comes away from Grandma with a pocket full of cash!) She was devastated when Louise had to point out that it was actually £115 with £24.99 off. Poor thing.

I did go into PC World to stare longingly at laptops.
But on reflection I've decided that my ICT wishlist comprises two things.
First I want a huge fuck off monitor to sit on the desk. The actual desktop pc is fine. It does everything I want it to do and has lots left, so no upgrade for that.
Second on the list is a micro laptop. This is when it starts to get silly. Really I want this just because I want one, no other reason. I'm deluding myself that I want one really to write stuff on and need to carry it round like a proper writer would. But Louise rightly scoffs at that.
And because it's me and because my computer needs for the desktop are very meagre now - the next pc I get for the main computer will probably cost me £200-£400 - I seem to have decided that what I really need is this: The Flybook. £1440 of beauty and about as big as a large book.
But I'm not buying one. I'll just stare longingly.

Other than that, very quiet weekend.
But thanks for asking.

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