Wednesday, May 16, 2007

cd cases - oh, the things that really annoy me!

Yesterday the new Rudfus Wainwright cd arrived in the post. I shall get to that later.

But what I noticed first of all was that it was one of those hideous new super jewel cd cases. You may or may not have seen them; they're almost the same as the old cases, just with rounded edges, a different front cover and a press catch to open them.

First of all, what the hell was so bad about cd jewel cases anyway?
Simple yet effective things.
Prone to breaking maybe, but that was just something we accepted. These new cd cases are almost exactly the same, with mostly cosmetic differences. Except for the front cover. On the old cases it was a simple matter of sliding the booklet over a little plastic ridge - really simple. But obviously that was far too simple and easy for some people. On the new cases you're meant to remove the booklet through the top of the case, but the bloody design makes it almost impossible to do without damaging the booklet.

But even these things are minor irritants compared to those cardboard sleeves that just seem designed to scratch the cd as you drag it out of the ever so tight packaging.

I probably care too much.

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, appearing on the new series of Grumpy Old Men on the BBC this spring, Mr Richard Bruton!!! :-) Bring back those old Benny Goodman 78s!