Saturday, May 12, 2007

Culture Show does comics ... biff, pow, blam, pick a cliche, any cliche.

Let me state for the record that I love BBC2's Culture Show.

I think it's a smartly done arts review program, smartly produced, diverse enough for wide appeal, never talking down to it's audience and with none of the pretentiousness so beloved by things like the Late Show or that talking heads-a-thon on a Friday night; Newsnight Review.

For some ridiculous reason, they've moved it to Saturday evening on BBC2 at some time between 6 and 8. Exactly the wrong time for me. I'm either out, watching Doctor Who or sorting Molly out for bed.

But tonight I actually got to see 10 minutes of it.

The Avenue Q puppets pastiching the opening to Trainspotting was very well done, but the piece that caught my eye was the report on the 9/11 report graphic novel adaptation by Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colón.

I haven't picked up a copy yet to have a look at, but all the reviews and the press I've seen paints it as an innovative adaptation of the practically unreadable report that finally makes the relevant facts accessible to the public and does it incredibly well, without prejudice and with great clarity.

And, overall, the Culture Show managed to make a complete hash of the article.
Every cliche about comics, every stupid effect, it was all there.

Having the writer and artist talk from inside the panels.
Cut parts of the panels and animating them for effect.
Ironic and non-ironic use of moving sound effects.
To be honest, all it really needed was a "Holy twin towers Batman" reference and someone, somewhere would have won Comic Book Cliche Bingo.

Washington Post article
USA Today piece on 9/11 Graphic Novel
Newsarama interview with Ernie Colon
FPI website to buy the book

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