Sunday, May 20, 2007

New furniture time.......

Our new sofa and chair was delivered today.

Of course, that statement makes it seem rather easy - It wasn't.
We've had many, many annoyed and stressed conversations with customer service at Marks & Spencers over this, which can briefly be summed up as:

I don't think it's really acceptable for someone as supposedly customer focused as Marks & Spencers to phone up on Friday and tell you they'll be round on the following Wednesday between 9 & 2 to deliver your furniture.
Do they not realise that people have jobs?
Do they not realise that people need jobs to pay for things like expensive bloody furniture from Marks & bloody Spencers?
Do they not also realise that it's not really okay to waltz in on Monday morning and tell the boss you need a day off on Wednesday to take delivery of your furniture?

Anyway, we lucked out this time and got the 2/7th chance that they'd arrange a weekend delivery. Amazingly, seeing as they're so uncooperative regarding delivery slots they actually deliver seven days a week. So at 11am the delivery truck pulls up and out comes our brand new sofa and chair.

We've gone from 10 year old, let's make a statement with our bright furniture for our first home type furniture:

to this:

A delightful mocha colour (a bit lighter in real life than it is here) sofa and chair that makes us both feel rather grown up to be honest.

It's certainly taking a bit of getting used to when looking at it, but it feels absolutely fantastic to sink into.