Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blue Peter's got nothing on us......

Today was brought to me by the words "so" "fucking" and "tired". On wondering why, earlier tonight Louise calmly pointed out that not bloody sleeping and sitting up till all hours of the night doing shit like this could possibly be the answer.

Anyway, today at work I was tired.
Picking Molly up from school I was tired. Getting in and getting ready for Brownies (Molly, not me, Brown and yellow - so not my colour) tired. You get the idea.
One great thing we did have to do tonight was do Molly's homework. This term in Science she's doing Habitats. Their homework was to make a habitat for something. I hate this sort of homework. Give me a worksheet any day. This required thought and even worse, practical work as well.
Luckily for us all Molly is animal mad at the moment and I am clever. So between her wanting to do a wild animal habitat and me being a lazy bastard we narrowed it down to the two animal that I thought would make the easiest models. Penguin and Panda.

Our trip round town today yielded Toothpicks, Crepe paper, Lolly sticks and Gift tags. From those ingredients it took us a mere hour to put together this masterpiece:

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