Sunday, June 03, 2007

Changes to Blog - Comments please.......

I've been pondering this recently.....

Having been blogging for over a year it's becoming clear that the blog splits into a roughly 50/50 mix of Comics / Other stuff.

Now, the question is this......

Should I make the split a definite one by setting up a separate comics blog and a separate personal blog?

Obviously comments are welcomed


  1. Tricky one. One question is whether you want to throw yourself wholesale into the comics blogosphere or not, in which case keeping the non-comics stuff separate would make sense.

    The other question is how many of your readers are not comics nerds? ;)

    Personally I'd keep the mix as it is as it shows a more rounded person. Theme-specific blogs tend to be a little bland and you often find the boundaries blurring anyway. (I've been known to say people start a blog about a specific subject and within a year it's about everything but.) People will take your opinions about comics more seriously if they know something about the lovely man writing them!