Friday, June 08, 2007

Content at last.......
Richard looks at the world, declares it fucked up and retreats.....

Following on from Posh Spice's Woman of the Year award, we now have the farce of that talentless freeloader Paris Hilton doing her remaining jail time at her own home:
The Simple Life star would be "confined to her home", must wear an ankle bracelet and would not be allowed out for parties or social functions. (via)
20 days of sitting at home, watching dvds and reading - that's my holiday time.
Hateful, unfair and further proof that we're losing the war on ignorance.

Then I walked into the lounge tonight to find Big Brother on and Louise trying to explain what had happened today in the house. I lasted 2 minutes before the sheer hideous inane-ity of it all got too much and I escaped back to my room for radio 4.
Tomorrow I will try to find something good with the world that isn't my daughter.

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