Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Flood clean up begins......

Luckily, not for us. In fact by the time Molly and I were up and about, I think most of the affected shops and offices in town had ripped up their sodden carpets and floors and had got the cleaners in.
At least that's what it seemed like when we went for a walk around town this morning.

Both Molly and I were off today.
No surprise with Molly as we knew her school was in a bad way but it was a surprise that my school was closed. Absolutely no water inside the building, just that all the access points are underwater and you can't get to the school without having to wade - not a good thing to have to make children do; particularly if you think about what might be in the water.

So we took a walk around the town to survey the extent of the damage.
And all seems surprisingly well.
I'm quite sure that each water-damaged and flooded shop or home is a heartbreaking disaster in private but the public face that people are putting on is quite amazing. Most of the really badly affected shops I saw had already had some work done, were mopped out and had carpets ripped up and floors drying out, as they tried to carry on as normally as possible in the circumstances.
I'm sure that the overall clean up will take a lot longer, but people have made a good start.

Then we walked out to see Molly's school.
That's more of a problem. There's still a huge lake where the playground used to be, but there's no water in the school now.
But just looking in the windows made it clear exactly how much work there is to do. Hopefully they'll work really hard to get it done so something can be in place for next week. Maybe they'll use portakabins, maybe they'll see if they can use the nearby junior school's spare rooms?
One modern problem of the clean-up that a few of the parents I met all mentioned was the desire we all have to see if we can help out in any way; going in to help with the cleanup in any way that we could, but the sheer scale of the H&S, paperwork, council-led cleanup operation would surely defeat any attempt before it even had chance to start.

As for tomorrow; Molly's still off (& she's definitely off until next Monday, maybe longer, we just don't know as yet).
As for me; I have no idea. If the moat around the school goes away, then we're in, if not, we don't know.
I shall wait until the morning, listen to Radio Humberside and the list of closures and phone the school in the morning to see what's happening.

Strange couple of days.

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