Monday, June 25, 2007

Flood in Pocklington ........ and the water subsided:

Well it's 10:30pm. It looks like the waters are going down almost as fast as they appeared.

When we took a walk out earlier to have a look around and take some photographs for the album and the weblog it was still looking pretty scary and very much like a swimming pool in most of town. The high street wasn't a river anymore, just two streams on either side of the camber. We have no idea how bad it's going to be over by Molly's school though, we just couldn't get round there because of the lakes existing where once there was a market square and a roundabout.

Since getting back from our little tour we've noticed more and more people doing exactly the same. And since we're on the only completely open route round Pocklington it's been like the tourist season outside our window with lots of people, all dressed in Wellies and waterproofs clutching cameras make their way bravely to our equivalent of Niagra Falls.

Our hope now is that it remains dry overnight and tomorrow to let the drains empty. Because I'm sure the water table around here is so high now that the next lot of rain will do exactly the same thing and we'll be looking at the great Pocklington flood; The Return.

Meanwhile, Molly's school is closed for who knows how long. We'll phone tomorrow to confirm but we're all set to go to my school tomorrow and Molly's quite looking forward to helping me with my Foundation classes.
When her school does re-open we're going to be looking for: her glasses, school coat, PE kit, trainers, School shoes (she came home, bizarrely, in gym slippers) and pencil case.
I can see a trip to Specsavers, Clarks and M&S before long.

Long day, stressful day, but we're all safe and have a lovely tale to tell.
But I'll be glad to see sunshine tomorrow.

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