Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Floods update ..... School update......

Back to school for me today. Saw photos of the school yesterday; we were very, very lucky not to be flooded out. The water was a foot or so away from the school.
Pupils are back in tomorrow.

Molly came in with me today to be my assistant. Her school hasn't been so lucky, the early news is that the hoped for re-opening of Monday 2nd July is wildly optimistic and it looks unlikely they'll be back in this school year. Currently I imagine the head is trying to arrange temporary accomodation for the remaining 3 weeks of term.

Pocklington itself is completely dry now, thankfully. The affected shops and houses are doing their best to get back to normal business.
But the beck is still running very, very high, the ground around us is totally saturated and there's a severe weather warning forecast for the East Riding for the weekend.
Oh shit, here we go again......

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