Tuesday, June 19, 2007

On Internet Explorer, Safari & Firefox

IE7 has been a complete pain since first it infected my system, I am sick of the bugginess of it, sick of the problems and, in the last few weeks, sick of the fact it completely freezes me out after about an hour of use. Nothing I can do but shut the piece of shit app down and start it up again.

So this is being written on Firefox. So far, much better.
I've been using alternative browsers at school on my test machine for a while. I tried Firefox and Opera, but Opera looked a bit better, more stripped down. Frankly at school speed just doesn't matter at all because the connection is super-duper fast.
But here at home, sitting typing away on a dial up connection, every little bit of speed is noticeably wonderful.
Now to be honest, at school I've started using Safari for Windows (I think it was Pete who mentioned it first), because I was told it's nice and fast and stripped down (and it looks purddy - oh sad sad me). But Safari for windows is also in Beat and is very buggy. For some reason it hates Microsoft Hotmail and freezes up almost instantly.
But I may try it at home as well in a litle while to see how I get on.
It's full this trying new stuff.

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