Saturday, June 16, 2007

If I was any good at this I would.......

Be writing something devastatingly witty and important on a hospital theme as an aside to those people in York hospital who read this blog as reported to me by the significant other of my dear friend James. Hi Cath, Hi James. Hi readers at York hospital.

But I'm not because yet again, I am tired.
Today we had a lovely evening in a proper grown up bar with James, Cath & friends. Children played nicely, food was lovely, company grand.
Slightly unnerving to walk into the place and realise that everyone in there except us is:
b)wearing something ridiculously fabric light,
c)on a bloody hen party.

Obviously York has become hen party capital of the North. Or it was just one of those strange cosmic co-incidences where a lot of women wearing matching stupid head gear all turned up at the same bar? A bizarre flash mob perhaps?

It's slightly un-nerving to be told that people are actually reading and following this. It can put you right off your normal writing sometimes. The first time it happened was early on in the weblog's history. Nostalgia & Comics were reading it, and I was aware of that as I'd told them all about it. But when I was talking about something one day in the shop with one of the regulars he floored me by telling me he knew that already and he'd read it on the blog. So now I discover that the blog is also read to pass a night shift at York hospital. And, like I said at the start of this post, if I was anymore with it, I'd be posting something actually relevant to these newly discovered readers as an introduction.

Instead you get a Calvin & Hobbes strip.....

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