Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Longest Day,
and tonight's been quite long as well.....

Oh joy. It's the longest day.
Now, whilst that might be delightful for some people I can guarantee that these people either have:
1. No kids or
2. Blackout blinds.

We used to have a blackout blind in Brookfield Road for Molly's room. We installed it before she was born and have never gone through a summer without one.
Until now. Stupidly, we just haven't managed to get round to putting them up here at Bruton Mansions v2.0. Actually we haven't even managed to get as far as going to the hardware store and buying them, never mind have the 4 hours of fun that follows the start of a minor DIY project as I struggle to get a fixing screw to stay in a wall.

Which means that Molly's bedtimes have been getting more and more like the Calvin & Hobbes cartoons I'm reading her at bedtime.
If we go to bed at 8 and read, by the time it comes to putting out the light we realise that there was absolutely no point putting the light on in the first place since it's still broad daylight outside and Molly's room, having a window at both ends, has light pouring in every which way.
And then we have at least an hour of fun.
In no particular order we had:
toilet, drink, can't sleep, too hot, want duvet, no, want blanket instead, another drink,
too hot with blanket, different blanket, another drink, need toilet,
can't sleep because of the light,
can't sleep because of the heat,
can't sleep because of the noise of the rain,
open window, close window, drink, toilet,
can I read my book for a little while until I get tired,
can you read some more of my book,
I'm hungry, can I have some more milk, what's mummy doing, toilet,

Finally, it's over. She's spark out. So are we.
Looking in my crystal ball, I see a trip to a large DIY emporium and 4 hours of trying to fix screws into walls in my future.

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  1. Luckily I have no such problems with my furry girls since cats will happily sleep 18 hours out of 24 in bright sunlight or under the bed in the dark. I have both curtains and blind in my bedroom, being a brooding gothic monster and Scottish and therefore afraid of bright sunlight. Fortunately my superpower is Sleeping and little stops me from doing it...