Friday, April 06, 2007

Nostalgia & Comics & Me part 19
the staff

One thing I should mention is all the members of staff who've made the work at Nostalgia & Comics absolutely nothing like work. Without whom etc etc........
Apologies to all I've forgotten, I'm old and the brain doesn't work that well any more.

Firstly to Dave; a manager and a friend.
Phil Clarke (for hiring me in the first place)
Sue Williams (for being so nice on that first day)

It's always been the staff that have made Nostalgia & Comics the most wonderful place to both work at and to shop at. I'm lucky enough to have worked there long enough to have met, worked with and become friends with many of them......
so, in no particular order:
Mark, David, Ted, Martin, Jason, Carl, Jeff, Casey, Beckitt, Frodo, Lisa, Beth, Dan, Sarah, Kay, Morgan, Mikey, Jeff, Paul H, Ben, Dennis, Cat, Stuart, Rich, Gemma, David Wells, Perry, Jon, (add your name here or add it in the comments and I'll edit it in)

& finally, a belated mention to three people who I should have previously mentioned in all my posts on the basement.
Paul Slater

Obviously, I didn't work completely in isolation down there and every member of staff has helped out down in the basement at some stage, for which I thank them all.
But throughout my entire career there, trapped in that underground hell, those three very special people have, at various times, laughed, cried, sweated (or in Tara's case perspired), swore, kicked / punched the stock into place (mostly Paul it should be said) and generally been totally supportive of me down there.
Thank you to them for being my special basement friends.


  1. Thankyou :)
    It really does mean so much

  2. Sarah7:26 PM

    Hi Rich! Just stumbled across your little tribute to Nostees and wanted to say a big 'HI!" from myself and Mr Dan (who is still hidden behind the mighty fluffy beard). We hope you're well & thanks for all the.. uh, nostalgia about Nostalgia!