Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Quick update, back to school......

Back to school.
Spent almost all day Monday doing our school website. East Riding ICT have, in their wisdom, decided that all East Riding Schools without existing websites have to have one to a set standard.
This means learning how to use APLAWS, which has to be some of the worst web authoring software I've ever seen. I have a lot more control over the weblog, powered by the notoriously difficult Blogger, than I do over this piece of shit.
Worst thing is, after many, many hours setting up link pages for the website, I saved everything off and realised that something had just saved wrong and the display was off. Ive had this before with it; somewhere, in the midst off the css and html coding, this stupid program has inserted a couple of random characters that it's now reading a formatting instructions.
So tomorrow, because this program is shite, I have to spend at least an hour going through the code, line by bloody line, to find the single character error.

And apart from that, everything was absolutely fine, thanks for asking.

Molly's social life continues to be a busy, busy thing.
Today she started Monday afternoon football. It's coached by one of the ladies from Hull City centre of excellence and she had a great time. Bloody hot, but a great time. She came out of her classroom after getting changed sweating so much it really looked like she'd already had a shower.

But the night wasn't finished there. We barely had chance to walk home before it was time to rush out again to get to 6 o'clock swimming.
I'm absolutely exhausted and that's just from me transporting her around.

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