Saturday, June 30, 2007

Time, lack of ......

Time is a huge problem right now, and it's only really getting worse.
I have to split my time into being daddy, work at school, weblog, FPI reviews, me time.

But right now, the amount of work I have at school has absolutely ballooned out of control. Mostly my own fault really. Just a combination of really enjoying what I'm doing and my perfectionist streak.
I came up with the bright idea of creating a curriculum resource set. This would be a list of good, relevant websites, multimedia stuff, powerpoints etc for use in the class for a given topic.
It's a great idea, but a huge amount of work. How huge? Well, there's 6 years , at least 5 units per subject and at least 6 subjects per year - so just a total of 180 curriculum resource packs then. No problem; should be done by Saturday.
I've even been doing bits and pieces for school at home, something I've never done before. but like I said, the combination of wanting to make a great impression, really enjoying the job, wanting to get things done and my sheer bloody minded perfectionism has meant doing extra stuff.

Then we have the weblog and the Propaganda reviews, which, as Louise rightly points out to me every time I moan about it to her, are completely my own fault.
I don't have to do them.
But, if you know me, I think you realise, just like Louise does, that I do have to do them. Things like this are both enjoyable and necessary to me. it makes me feel like my more creative bit of brain is getting an outing rather than just the techy side.
Plus I like doing the blog and I like doing the reviews.

Of course, all of this means three things;
I'm just not getting enough sleep
I haven't actually sat down to watch more than half an hour of TV at a time for a couple of months - not a bad thing really, except that's indicative of the fact that I'm not sitting and relaxing either.
I'm not reading books at all. Any reading time tends to be Graphic novels (not, in itself, a problem, but i do miss books).

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