Saturday, July 14, 2007

Burnby Hall, Pocklington.

One thing I've not really mentioned before in all my waffles about Pocklington, the beautiful town in which we live is the wonder that is Burnby Hall.

Pocklington has about 7500 people living here.
We have absolutely no right to have a lot of the things we do, being so small:
A vibrant town centre with pretty much everything we really need. (except comic shops, but that's what going back to Birmingham is for after all).
A wonderful Leisure Centre
A gliding club about half a mile down the road which means that every day I get to stare into beautiful blue skiesand marvel at these wonderful things flowing through the air.
And the highlight of the town; the wonderful Pocklington Arts Centre & Cinema.

But more on those some other time.....

We're also lucky enough to have Burnby Hall & Gardens. Situated about 5 minutes walk out of town, or a whole 2 minutes from our front door is the most wonderful, tranquil, beautiful place. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon and ideal for a quick trip out after school for Molly and I.

To give you an idea of the place.....

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  1. Is that an actual pond or one of the Yorkshire floods?