Monday, July 09, 2007

Dear Sir, I 'd like a refund on this body please.....

Why is it that my body just refuses to work some days?
Why is it that Iwas perfectly awake at 3am last night, woke up at 7am fine, did a good day's work at school and then crashed out around 5pm?
I've just put Molly to bed and am sat in front of a computer screen typing words that may or may not make sense. It feels a little like what I imagine being being underwater for 18 hours feels like.
Or something like that anyway. My brain isn't working, in any sense, linear or not.
Thank God we've got a holiday (the BIG Holiday) coming up in 9 days. Then maybe, just maybe, I can try to get my body clock back into some form of order, because it's currently smeaked a little bit later than it normally does. Now it thinks being wide awake at 1-3 is normal. That's 1-3am. Great.


  1. Being awake at 1 to 3am is my normal body clock, but I have to make myself try and fit the working week which means earlier to bed and earlier up for work. Soon as my two weeks off for the Film Fest starts here it is right back to going to be at 3 or 4am and rising at the crack of 11am...

  2. My real problem is going to bed at 3am and then up at 7am/8am for school. It's nowonder I'm working on fumes most of the evening until the body catches up.