Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Doctor Who - it's all over.

Well, it's all over. Series 3 of Doctor Who finished at the weekend. We were there, enjoying it on the sofa as usual.
And we all thought it was pretty great. Personally I thought the aged doctor a little too much like Yoda, but you can't have everything.

And it took me a couple of hours to put a familiar feeling in place about the idea of Martha travelling the Earth, telling stories and getting all the people of Earth to think the same thought and change the world together. But eventually, I got it; Neil Gaiman's Dream of a Thousand Cats from Sandman issue 18. (Joe did as well)

Overall, the Master trilogy, Blink and Human Nature rescued this series. Too many of the early episodes left all three of us a bit unimpressed. And the Daleks in spats episodes were just laughable.

Overall, it will need to really kick into a higher gear for series 4, otherwise it's the law of diminishing returns I feel.

And just out of interest who will be the big villain in series 4? We've had Daleks & Cybermen & Daleks again & Daleks again and again & finally the Master. Who's left?

Personally I'd love to see Russell bow out with a 2 Doctors tale with Tennant and Eccleston. That would be good. No, that would be stunning. Instead, we'll just have to wait till Christmas and the special Kylie guest appearance. Should be interesting.

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