Monday, July 16, 2007

Harry Potter. Harry Potter. HARRY POTTER

Oh, we're excited at Bruton mansions.
Molly went off yesterday to see the movie for one of her friends 8th birthday party.
Her verdict; it's brilliant.

Then this Saturday we;re off to get our book from Pocklington's Simply Books at the midnight collection.
Unfortunately for Simply Books; our local independent bookseller, it seems everything is conspiring against them actually making any money on this.

First there's the deep discounting problem - if you can find me anyone paying anything like full price for the book, I'll send you a prize. It's really not fair on the booksellers. It seems the Harry Potter phenomenon has simply meant that supermarkets and Amazon are battling it out to see who does it cheapest.

Then, even worse for them, is the release date.
It's on the first Saturday of the school holidays. Ideal for midnight collections perhaps.
But Simply Books was due to get over 100 boarders from Pocklington school coming, all dressed up in wizarding finery at midnight. But they've all gone home for their holidays already.

I know I'm as guilty as anyone, because I get my books from Amazon as well. But every so often Molly and I will go in and buy something - purely out of guilt on my part.

Anyway, Saturday night Molly and Louise and I will be at Simply Books for half eleven rather than midnight. Because that's when the local falconry centre is coming up with some of their owls. Can you picture how excited Molly was when we told her this.
(Answer - no, you can't. trust me).

We are so looking forward to it. Of course, the problem then will be whether to start reading it to Molly on the night? And whether I'll stay up and read it to the end once she goes to bed.
My bet on the ending? Harry and Voldemort die in one final epic battle. Dumbledore is genuinely dead, having given up his life to come back stronger from beyond the grave and Snape is the ultimate deep cover agent for Dumbledore.

Meanwhile the ever wonderful Eddie Campbell has a long and interesting post on the Potter phenomenon and how well JK Rowling has handled it all. There's some interesting points on the deep discounting farce in the comments as well.

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