Saturday, July 28, 2007

Warren Ellis on Astonishing X-Men .......

More great news from San Diego via Comic Book Resources.

It seems Warren has decided to give up sleep for the greater good of us fans.
Should be out first quarter of 2008.
Art from Simone Bianchi.

Edit 1:30pm- Interview with Warren about the gig.
Interview with Simone Bianchi about the art chores.

From the Warren Ellis interview:
....using my position to destroy everything you love, displaying opinions you may not agree with and writing with my own voice and personality. All the things people hate in commercial comics these days. And yet, all the things I am specifically hired for. It's a funny old world.


  1. No matter how much I enjoy creator-owned projects, I do love it when some of my fave oddball creators get to play with some of the great superhero characters.... Plus Ellis is joining a comic already known for its lateness, so it won't be unexpected when he is late. I don't remember Transmet being late every month, but I could be wrong....

  2. Couldn't agree more. Although I think sometimes it's not the joy of seeing oddball creators play with the great superhero characters, rather it's the joy of seeing good writers play with them.

    But I will miss Joss Whedon on Astonishing X-Men. Like I said here I really enjoyed his take on the X-Men.

    But I have a feeling I'll be enjoying Warren's just as much.