Monday, July 30, 2007

Watchmen movie website revealed

The barebones Watchmen website is here.

Obviously the whole thing is going to be a bit crap. It really is the unfilmable book. You know it's not going to work.
There is no point getting excited about it.
Just re-read the book.


  1. Moore's name is conspicuous by its absence. Very conspicuous.

    It's funny, I was thinking about how utterly shite this is going to be and it occurred to me that Heroes on the telly lifts a number of plots from Watchmen. Not blatantly but it does (along with huge chunks of X-men). And then I remembered that Alan Moore isn't really about the plot. His stories tend to be very generic, taking hackneyed devices and messing with them a little. When you look at it cold Watchmen is a pretty pedestrian tale really. What makes it fantastic is the telling.

    And I don't think Snyder understands that.

  2. Bizarrely enough, I've managed to watch quite a bit of Heroes on Sci-Fi, but because of my strange viewing habits, the episodes haven't necessarily been in the right order. And it's still managed to be entertaining and make sense. Probably because it has borrowed so much from comics.

    And I think it's almost universally acknowledged that Watchmen just wont be any good. I don't know anyone whos read the thing that even thinks it could be made into a good film.

  3. Unlike everyone else, I do feel that Watchmen could make a great film. Of course it would 3 hours long and wouldn't make any money. But the guy who made the soulless "300" doesn't sound like the right choice - unless of course the source material was at fault there... Pete's right - the glory is in the telling, so I'd want a director known for sophisticated - Scorsese? Fincher?