Monday, August 06, 2007

Chaos at Bruton mansions, oh joy the decorator cometh...

I'm not good with disturbance. I'm not that good with upheaval. And I don't really take kindly to disruption.

So this week and next are going to be just loverly.
The decorator arrives at Bruton mansions tomorrow morning. We've taken the unprecedented step of getting the decorator to do the entire house. Previous redecoration has always been done in house, one room at a time. It was always cheaper and easier that way.
But seeing as we're in a new house and the cracks are everywhere, we thought it might be an idea to get someone in.

So tonight we emptied Molly's room of everything and currently there's only her and her bed in there. He's starting in there and then moving through the house.
So for the next week and a bit, we'll be spending our nights moving furniture backwards and forwards.
Then, when all the furniture moving is done, we'll be sitting in rooms panicing that the colours don't look right and thinking we've made some bad choices.

So expect shorter, more stressed out posts for the next few days.
That is all.
Go back to your lives now.

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