Tuesday, August 28, 2007

DC says no to new Gaiman Sandman series.
expect sackings.

Lying in the Gutters reports on the ongoing idiocy that seems to be going on at DC Comics these days. See, that's always the fun stuff about comic companies. One minute on top of the pile, basking in the glory of your sales and critical acclaim, the next wondering how much longer this falling from grace shit is going to carry on.

Recently we had the problems of Scott Dunbier leaving Wildstorm following or possibly causing the inane justification of limiting Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Getlemen Balck Dossier to just the USA because of "copyright issues" (this being a book that in both previous volumes used many, many copyrighted and public domain figures - why exactly does DC think this is going to be different?)

Now comes the news that they've just cancelled a forthcoming Vertigo series of the Sandman, written by Neil Gaiman.

quotes from Rich Johnston & Lying in the Gutters:
I understand that, to celebrate Sandman's 20th Anniversary, Neil Gaiman was to write a "Sandman" mini-series. However, recently the project was pulled. When asked, Neil told me, "We couldn't come to an agreement that would allow me to do a new six issue Sandman story for DC, and many people at DC and my agent tried hard to make it happen. Pity." I understand that certain people at DC are quite upset - though not with Neil or his agent.

Because after all, who would really want to read that? It's not like this one book could potentially turn around Vertigo's (and possibly DCs) fortunes overnight), not like it would be a guaranteed banker for the bookstore market for ears to come. Idiots. Idiots. Idiots.

via Rich Johnston

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