Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Decorating day 2:
4 coats of yellow, still no nearer....

Second day of absolute chaos here at Bruton mansions.
4 coats of yellow paint in Molly's room and it's still looking patchy.
Because he's having to keep going back to Molly's room with extra coats, it means all the careful planning about moving stuff out of rooms has gone tits up and we're having to juggle around having two rooms in chaos at once.
Still, at least he managed to get the office done completely today. The walls are now a lovely shade of cork:Tomorrow it's coat 5 of yellow in Molly's room, then glossing in Mollys. Hopefully that will be it and we can get her back into her new, very, very bright room.
After that, he's starting on our bedroom.
The chaos continues.

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