Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's Birthday season at Bruton mansions .......
Or what I spent £200 on today.....

Louise's birthday this weekend, Molly's next weekend. Louise wants her's to remain anonymous but Molly wants you all to know she's going to be 8.

Previous years we've called in babysitters or dropped Molly round at a friends for the day and taken ourselves off to Toys R Us or gone round Birmingham and got Molly's presents. However, this year, with the still developing that support network and the chaos of the decorator, it was just me waving goodbye to the family and heading off into York on my lonesome.
Usually most of the purchases would have been done already online, but we'd just left it a little too close. I don't mind ordering something for me and having it turn up late, but Molly's birthday presents really need to arrive before Molly's birthday. A small but fairly important consideration.

£200 plus later and i'm home bearing gifts.
We did go for the Nintendo DS in the end. And two games: Nintendogs and the latest Super Mario Bros. But it took a while to find a good package that would give me that.
The problem with stores like Game, Game Station etc is that they obviously get certain titles deep discounted by the suppliers which is why they 're able to do cheap packages.
Unfortunately I don't think Molly would be too impressed with the latest Transformers game.
In the end it was Virgin who did a package with something we actually wanted.

But we're all sorted now. Skint, but sorted.
It shall all be worth it when she nearly passes out from hyperventilating with excitement in a week's time.

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