Monday, September 17, 2007

Blogger posting in German?

For a little while now, Blogger, oh blessed Blogger has been trying it's hardest to integrate me into it's own little Anglo-German version of the European union. Little bits of instructions have been appearing in German for no apparant reason.

Things like this keep happening when I post:

On the plus side I now know the German for View Blog (& in a new window). On the down side it's bloody annoying. But like most of these minor bug thingys it's got a fix somewhere waiting to be clicked.

I tried changing language settings through Settings/Formatting but nothing helped

In my case it was solved by simply setting the language to English or English-English rather than English (UK) in the sidebar of the dashboard.

So that's the answer. Blogger just doesn't like Brits at the moment.


  1. Ach! Wirklich ärgerlich! Genau habe ich selbst keine solche Probleme mit Blogger, aber ich hoffe, daß diese Fehler schnell repariert würde...

  2. Curse Mr Brooker.
    Defeating my German O Level (C) knowledge so easily.

    I shall turn to Babel Fish to sort it out:

    Oh! Really annoying! Exactly I do not have such problems with Blogger, but I hope that these errors fast one repaired...

    Seems Babel Fish is just a bit crap then.