Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Comics Britannia Part 1: The Fun Factory

A very quick, very tired mini review......

It was everything it promised really. A literate, interesting and visually inventive look back across the early history of British comics.
I know there were factual errors; most importantly the seeming implication that British comics as we know them started with the publication of the Dandy #1. But although quite major, I'll easily overlook the error in favour of the spirit that the programme was obviously made.

An absolute , sheer pleasure from start to finish.
Paul Gravett really has become the public literary face of comics and looked every part the Grand Dame!
What did work amazingly well was the panel blow ups, particularly of the early Dandy and Beano Dudley Watkins strips and the ever wonderful Leo Baxendale. Surely he's in line for a knighthood by now?

For something resembling proper writing about the thing see Padraig or Lew.

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