Monday, September 17, 2007

How to run a comic shop - another weblog weighs in....

I'm in a particularly pissy mood tonight because this just pushed all the wrong buttons.
Not that this post (via Dirk) says anything that's necessarily wrong, it's annoying in that I know it's still necessary to say it.
Essentially it's a simple "basic things to do to attract customers" list.
As such it's blindingly obvious: be clean, helpful, knowledgeable, truthful. That sort of thing.

But sadly I can guarantee that if you take a whistle stop tour around the stores in your local area, you'll be almost bound to find a few that can't even see this as a simple truth. What's worse is that they keep getting enough custom to survive. This means that a regular person, used to shopping in clean, normal stores, may walk in looking for some graphic novel or other that they're interested in and make a judgement about us all based on that one shithole of a store.

Like I say. Pissy mood.

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