Friday, September 14, 2007

School Gates Dad

Given that it’s a modern, caring, sharing, equal world we’re living in here, why is it that certain women see men as absolutely incapable, if not downright threatening and dangerous when it comes to looking after children?

Now I’m a very good dad. I know this because my daughter loves me very much and enjoys spending time with me.
I'm also pretty good with children of all ages. Or I hope I am, I've worked in schools for the past 12 years and genuinely enjoy the work so if I'm not good with children I'm probably in the wrong job.
In my circle of male friends a lot of us have children and to a greater or lesser degree, all of my friends are involved in the childcare.
And do you know what? somehow, despite not actually owning a womb, we manage to be quite good at it.

So why then, when I’m stood with the other parents (read that as moms) at the school gates do quite a large proportion of them look down their bloody noses at me?
Why then, given that it’s me that drops my child off at school and picks her up from school, do these same moms only ever come over when Louise is there as well?

Of course, even worse is the suspicious looks you always get around a school as a bloke. How bloody close minded do you have to be that every single man you see is a paedophile in your mind?
How can you possibly function?
Does this mean that every politician is a liar (no, wait, bad example)
Or every gay man naturally wants to sleep with your fat, smelly husband
Or that every teenager’s a yob in a hoody,
Every black kid wants to mug you?
Every asian bloke runs a corner shop?
Are you really as stupid as the Daily Telegraph tells you that you are?

You get the idea by now I’m sure.

It saddens me that fathers are almost an invisible presence in their children's lives. I know some men are shiftless, incompetent people who made terrible fathers. But just a look around you at the stupid Mother dragging her child along and shouting at it whilst holding her fag in one hand and her shopping in another should tell you that being a useless, incompetent parent is not an exclusively male attribute.

Tonight, Richard shall be in a pissy, overtired mood.
Tomorrow, probably the same.

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  1. If I can be a sexist pig for a bit. Women have a need to know other peoples business. It's why they (not us) buy gossip mags

    without any actual knowledge of you, they are forced to make assumptions

    I think the first assumption is that you can be there to pick up your kid because you've got no job.
    which puts you in the shiftless layabout box

    from there on it's a down hill slope imagining how and why you lost your job ect

    me I wear my "I've took the day off work to hang a new back door. I can't really do it during the weekend because the kids are in to everything. I also heard it's going to rain on saturday and I don't want to get pissed on. I do have a job, it only pays 20K but with bonuses this year I think i'll come away with 24K. I'm picking up my boy because the wife always does it, so I thought I'd do it for a change. The door's from wicks, it can often be cheeper than B&Q although they don't have as big a range." T shirt

    It's a pretty big T-shirt