Friday, October 19, 2007

19th October 2006 - 19th October 2007
Pocklington Year 1

It's been one whole year since we arrived here in Pocklington. One whole year since we left this:

for the last time and travelled 131 miles north to start living in this:

The move from inner city Birmingham to market town Pocklington has been an amazing, life changing thing. It's with great surprise that we actually find ourselves celebrating the anniversary. In many ways it seems but yesterday we were living in Birmingham and equally it seems like we've been here forever.

Pocklington has given us so much already; a lovely school and future for Molly, a new job for Louise and a complete change of career for me.

There are few regrets. Luckily we still see most of those we want to see fairly regularly. We've lost touch with only a few of our friends and we're going to try to make amends for that in the coming months.
Selfishly perhaps, my biggest regret of our time up here is that I didn't make more of the time from October to December last year when I was unemployed. I seem to spend so much time looking for work that I wasn't really able to completely enjoy what I had gained.
Still, it all worked out in the end.
Louise's job takes her out early and gets her home late, but she's enjoyingh it nonetheless. It's harder, more challenging but still enjoyable.
My job is just a delight. Everyday brings some new enjoyment, another great child doing another great thing. I'm truly lucky to be doing what I'm doing.

But Molly was always the main reason for moving. And she's having such a great time up here. Her school is lovely, she's made loads of friends and is turning into a fantastic little girl.

First year is done. Now for the next 50.

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  1. I cant believe its been a year! Well-Happy Anniversary to you all! How time flies when youre...old!