Monday, October 08, 2007

Alan Moore interviewed by Suzanna Clarke ......

Alan Moore: The Wonderful Wizard of Northampton.
A nice interview by Suzanna Clarke (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell) in which she reveals herself to be a big fan.

Although it seems strange to be reading about Lost Girls again, we must remember that it's still not legally available to buy in the UK until 2008. Maybe then we'll get to see all of the end of civilisation style headlines that the red-tops will have ready to go? It's always interesting to read Moore's own thoughts on the book, his views and ideas are sound, reasoned, madly idealistic and liberal. I'm sure the Sun will be sharpening the knives right now. And I'm sure Moore couldn't give a stuff about it.

The interview also conveniently collects up some choice Alan Moore quotes:


HIS HOME TOWN 'One of the reasons why I don't leave Northampton is that the people don't treat me like a celebrity. I've been here for years, I'm just that bloke with long hair.'

HIS WORK 'People have asked me why I made the first chapter of my first novel so long, and in an invented English. The only answer I can come up with that satisfies me is, to keep out the scum.'

'GRAPHIC NOVELS' 'That pompous phrase was thought up by some idiot in the marketing department of DC. I prefer to call them Big Expensive Comics.'

HIS HOUSE 'It's part Northampton mid-terrace house and part Byzantine temple of the Gods?… I'll never be able to sell it.'

HOLLYWOOD FILMS 'If I write a crappy comic book, it doesn't cost the budget of an emergent Third World nation.'

LIFE 'It's a horrifying, romantic, tragic, comical, science-fiction cowboy detective novel. You know, with a bit of pornography, if you're lucky.'

HIS FINAL LEAGUE COMIC 'Better than the Roman civilisation, penicillin…creation. Better than the Big Bang. It's quite good.'

LOVE 'I'd recommend to anybody working on their relationship that they should try embarking on a 16-year elaborate pornography [project] together. I think they'll find it works wonders.'

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