Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Birmingham Comics Show 2007 Part 3
Saturday & Millemium Point

Day 1.
Well, technically it was afternoon 1.

I'd like to say it wasn't the copious gins that meant I woke up at 10, instead i'll blame it on the many 3am bedtimes earlier last week. But the alcohol may have played a part.
Off to Nostalgia where I'm presented with the shocking sight of a front counter of three members of staff who I don't know. Horrible. Every time I go in it's a little knife to the heart that I'm not part of the furniture anymore.
At least Dave was there. In body at least. He was feeling the vodka cherry shots and looked possibly as ill as a person can look outside of hospital.

Then, finally, off to the show. This year it took place at Millenium Point, part of the newly regenerated Eastside of the city. That's regenerated as in we've stuck some new buildings in amongst the wreckage of a slum clearance and then seemingly forgotten to finish the job. I know it's an ongoing project but not a lot seems to change, a few new buildings but lots more mess and weeds.

Birmingham's Eastside - new buildings, crappy old car parks and lots of new weeds.

Last year's Comic Show was held at The Custard Factory, the alternative arts centre for Birmingham. But that proved too small and a move to a bigger venue was needed.
Which is a shame in some ways because something like this really should be at the Custard Factory - Birmingham's gorgeous arts hub. (and like the nexus of everything Birmingham arts related this is where Pete Ashton's name crops up again - he's currently redesigning the Custard Factories web presecnce - the man gets everywhere. he is the sand in the underwear of Birmingham's arts scene)

But Millenium Point promised bigger and better things for us comics folk. The whole place is a mecca to modern design. Inside it's all polished chrome and open galleries.
But before you can see the inside you have to get in. This is where the first huge mistake with MP comes in. It's built the wrong way round. The beautifully impressive facade and open square at the front is fantastic. But it's in the wrong place. Most people coming to the place either walk from the city centre or park in the car park. Both ways brings you in via the back entrance, still imprerssive but lacking the oomph that the front has.

The back of Millenium Point - most people's first view of the building.

The front of Millenium Point. Suitably impressive but no-one seems to come in this way. A whole building built the wrong way wrong.

Inside Millenium Point. View from Level G1. All gleaming chrome and open walkways.

Next up - actually getting into the Comics Show.......

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