Thursday, October 04, 2007

Can my life get any more exciting......?

It's 1am on a cold and wet Thursday morning.
I've got to be up at 7 with Molly for a new, exciting day.
And I'm sat here taking a break from prepping Spreadsheet lessons for Year 6. Oh joy.
This is, of course, the downside to this job.
Unlike the Science tech job I can do lots of work at home
Unlike the science tech job I'm really actively involved with the lessons.

The Year 6 spreadsheet topic is one I'm teaching all on my own really.
The teacher gave me a set of lesson plans and worksheets but after looking at them and looking at the level of the Year 6 class it was pretty obvious they'd be absolutely no bloody use whatsoever.
Hence the hours I'm spending on prepping lessons.

Bah. Back to work.
Only two more lessons to prep and then I can crawl into bed.

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