Monday, October 22, 2007

Duran Duran comic?????

There's a nice piece in the New York Times - Superhero Stylings From Stars Of Pop about the recent high profile star turns writing comics - focusing inevitably on Gerard Way with Umbrella Academy (still haven't read it yet - will do over the next week or so).

But what immediately caught my eye a little down the page was the tantalising prospect of a Duran Duran comic coming from Virgin.
Now you know my love of Duran Duran is great so this is interesting news.
Although the last "oh isn't it great the 5 are all together again" album Astronaut was arse of the biggest scale and I'm having a hard time listening to the two songs from the new album Red Carpet Massacre - one is Nite Runner; a bizarre Timbaland and Timberlake collaboration & the other is Falling Down, a semi ballad thing.
Not sure of either yet. Ho Hum.

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