Friday, October 05, 2007

More blistering excitement.......

Tonight, I am writing my own job description.

It's another one of those onerous tasks that's been sitting on the jobs list at school waiting to be done. My current plan is to spend a lot of extra time in the evenings and nights and early hours of the mornings doing all of the bigger jobs on the list. Eventually I may get the to-do list down to a reasonable size and be able to keep it that way.

Like the complete stock take, software audit, organising the paperwork folders and mapping the network this always falls to the bottom of the pile, forever supplanted by other jobs, either more immediately important or less mind numbingly tedious.
Because, although writing your own job description sounds a great idea, it's really not.

The temptation to add lines is huge:

"Every week Richard should have at least 2 hours completely free time to goof off, download music and organise his radio and tv guide for the next week"

"The ICT Technician's word is law. If he tells you it cant be done - then it bloody can't and no amount of pissing and moaning will make it any more possible."

"The ICT Technician has the authority to jump up and down on your head if you try to piss around with the network because you think you can sort out the problem. Trust me, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Leave it to the ICT technician. He has all the little knowledge for both of you."

"Anyone found pressing the printer buttons will have their fingers broken"

But at the back of your mind is the knowledge that the head has to approve this and although I'm sure the person has a sense of humour, I don't think the head is allowed to find this sort of thing amusing.

So we continue writing the bland version.......

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