Monday, October 01, 2007

Secret Headquarters Comic Boutique. Wow.

Boing Boing has a link to this quite wonderful comics boutique - Secret Headquarters.

How wonderful does the place look? Okay, so it's not your average comic shop - the complete lack of stock cluttering up the shelves and the stands makes it much easier to design a delightful, sparse, stylistically led comic shop.
Not a comic shop, it just hasn't got enough stock to be called that.
But an absolutely stunning comic boutique.

Although the first photo shows what I think is the worst part of the store. At first I thought these were horrible black plastic things stuck to the wall. Only on closer inspection did it become clear that they're actually beautifully made wooden individual racks for comics. But no matter how beautiful or lovingly made they are, I still think they don't work.

But any disappointment with the racks is soon dispelled by the rest of the store. Just lovely.
Like I said - no idea how they stay in business and some of the choices of books are a little strange. After all, with the extremely limited shelf and table space, is it really best practice to stock Vertigo's The Exterminators? Nothing particularly against the series, but surely if you had to pick out the greatest few hundred graphic novels to fill your small boutique, this wouldn't be in there. Would it?

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  1. I just happened to come across this, and (though it's 3 years old) thought it'd be fun to reply. We stocked Exterminators because the writer (Simon) was/is a Silverlake local and a good guy.


    Dave (owner SHQ)