Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Camden Comics Stall

I've recently reviewed Tales From The Flat, a great British comic, for the FPI blog. Well the guys behind that comic are heavily involved in a new project:
The Camden Comic Stall (Facebook group here, rumours of a website abound, but nothing yet).

A group of British comic makers (I'm deliberately avoiding the term small press here, not because it in't useful, but that it always seems to have such negative connotations) have banded together to sell their wares from a stall on Camden Market.
Oli Smith is looking like the nearest thing to an organiser they have. From the Facebook site it looks like things are going well.

Oh, it's just like being back in the 80s with the Fast Fiction stall!

The guys are more than happy to sell your stuff as well, just get in touch to talk to them about it via the Facebook group or get in touch with Oli Smith at his Facebook page

(Via Bugpowder)

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