Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fictions - Best of 2007 - The end of the year show.....

November is upon us and all thoughts suddenly turn towards what the bloody hell am I going to get for people this year and more importantly, what is going to make it onto the Bruton mansions end of year cd.
(Now in it's fourth year and as much a regular part of the end of year festivities as Curried Nut Roast and the Doctor Who Christmas Special.)

Of course, this year it's different from the last couple of years where I've struggled to put new music on there. For the first time in a couple of years I'm actually having to draw up a shortlist and edit it down.

Of course, record of the year was sorted out way back in April. Battles Atlas is still the best thing I've heard this year. In fact it's the best thing I've heard for many, many years. They were on Jools Holland's Later show last night and were unbelievable, the best thing I've seen on there for an awfully long time.


  1. Yes I thought Battles rather rocked the house on Jools, but there again I thought Kurt Elling was rather decent too

  2. Didn't see Kurt Elling.
    This is because we live in a TV democracy of one here in this house. Louise is so used to having the TV to herself of an evening that it royally throws her on the rare occasion I come down and try to wrestle the remote from her fingers.
    I was allowed to see Battles though.

    Actually, more like a democracy of two, since Molly controls it during the day.

    Which, now I think of it isn't really right. I bought the bloody TV.