Saturday, November 10, 2007

Round and round and round we go (thank you Robert Smith)
Of showers, builders and faulty (or not) plumbing....

So, we have a leaky shower. No problem, get the plumber in to fix it.
One great thing about a small town like Pocklington is the number of small tradesmen we have - and because it's a small town and people talk - the tradesmen have reputations to protect. So our plumber is ace. Helpful, reasonable and fixes anything.

Case in point - he came out to look at the shower, phoned around to get parts and then found out for us that the thing should still be covered on a warranty. And for doing this, making the calls and spending half an hour with us he will only take a tenner for his time. In Birmingham, a call out for a plumber used to cost upwards of £50. Like I say, good plumber.

Okay. Next we phone and arrange for the shower company to come round and fix the thing. Again, very reasonable people, they're round in a week to sort it all out.
Except the problem, according to the engineer isn't the shower, it's the installation. Our standing water pressure is 6 bar and the shower is only warrantied up to 5 bar. We need to get a water pressure reducing valve installed to bring the pressure under 5 bar and then they can come and replace the shower valve that's causing the problem.
Fair enough. Not the shower, but the builder is at fault.

Which seems about right really. Our builders, like most builders, are pretty rubbish when it comes to customer service. Frankly they're set up to put the things up, but not to sort out the little problems that develop with their builds. So getting hold of our builder is hard. Hard as in nigh on impossible. But eventually, after lots and lots and lots of phoning, I get hold of them and they're adamant that there's no way that Pocklington can have a pressure that high. It's just not possible. Not their fault, back to the shower folks......

Who tell me that their engineer isn't wrong.

So, next up it's over to Yorkshire Water to check the pressure.
Again, a joy to deal with. Phoned them up, straight through to a real person. Arranged appointment, engineer turns up and quickly tells us that the pressure is just 3.5 and the most it will ever be is 4.5.

So it's back to the shower people on Monday......

Round and round and round and round...........

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