Monday, November 05, 2007

Sometimes I realise I have a strange job.......

Tonight I spent hours trawling this interwebby thing and you tube for the following:

Famous Grouse
Birdie Song
Do You Love Me? (Dirty Dancing)
Can Can
Chariots Of Fire
Dambusters Theme
Swan Lake
Folk dance

I then sequenced them, edited them to less than 2 minutes each and put them onto a cd.
Weirdly enough that was precisely what I was asking myself at 10pm as I'm listening over and over to the Birdie song trying to work out where to put the cut off edit. (To which the most obvious answer is - right before the bloody thing starts).

School is doing a comedy version of the 12 Days of Christmas......
Famous Grouse & Birdie Song - Partridge in a Pear Tree
Do You Love Me? (Dirty Dancing) - 2 Turtle Doves
Can Can - 3 French Hens
Chariots Of Fire - 5 Gold rings
Dambusters Theme - 6 Geese a Laying
Swan Lake - 7 Swans a swimming
Folk dance - 8 Maids a milking
Riverdance - 1 Irish twat. Or is that 10 Lords a leaping? I forget.

Weird night's work.

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