Thursday, December 13, 2007

Busy busy busy......

The new computer installation continues apace at school. Only two to go now, lots of teachers cooing over their new machines, lots of setting up and rearranging furniture to get them just right. All of this means two things:
I'm knackered
I'm not getting anything else done at school
Which is why I'm spending nights trying to sort out the Reports that really need doing by next week. A complete redesign and a stab at getting good comment banks for the teachers to use.
We're going with a Publisher front end and the comment banks via Teacher's Report Assistant.

But I'm running out of time.
Tomorrow is getting the last of the installs done.
This leaves me 5 days at school before Christmas
Take off the last day as nothing gets done.
4 days.
Lots more than four days of work though.

Don't expect much bloggy work in the next week....

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